Friday, October 19, 2018

9v Gallagher Electric fence Energiser – How to Remotely Charge its Battery

To Remotely charge a 9v Gallagher electric fence energiser you will need to use a solar panel,however a Gallagher electric fence energiser is powered by a 9v battery so you cannot use a standard 12v charging solar panel,this will be far  too powerful for the 9v battery the gallagher electric fence energiser uses as its output voltage will be 18v so it is important that you use a solar panel with a maximum voltage output of 12v.
The solar panel you decide upon to use with your 9v gallagher electric fence energiser does not have to be huge as the energisers current consumption is very low,most gallagher electric fence energisers current consumption is around 50ma to 150ma so not massive by any means , the deciding factor on which size solar panel to purchase therefore is depending on whether you want your gallagher electric fence energiser to be powered permanently or not, either way a solar panel with an output of  100ma to 500ma output should suffice,a nice range of solar panels suitable for a 9v gallagher electric fence energiser or indeed any gallagher electric fence energiser  can be found at Installation is very straight forward,its simply a matter of connecting the positive and negative cables from the solar panel onto the electric fence energiser battery making sure the energiser is turned off then point the solar panel at the sun,turn your energiser back on and the solar panel will begin feeding more energy back into the battery whenever its a bright sunny day.
Author: Dave Dodd
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