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A shock in the nuts!!

September 27, 2012 by  
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Poor young boar – he wasn’t the only one turned on – so was the electric fencing!! Please note that all videos copied will be legal infringement and I will pursue all those that copy this video without permission.

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23 Responses to “A shock in the nuts!!”
  1. Atle Kolstad says:


  2. fire58372001 says:

    Scramled eggs & ham while making bacon.

  3. redesign2003 says:

    He can say that was electric orgasm

  4. avadrato says:


  5. DrsJacksonn says:

    0:02 The electricity shocked all the cum out.

  6. bbbhhgg says:

    This is my favorite youtube some weird disturbing way,

  7. timr387 says:

    I can see you won the copyright ;) 

  8. CartoonMovieMakers says:

    dalbystorm just to ask what made you want to put a video of ur pig geting zapped i wanna because it a funny video

  9. dalbystorm says:

    About 4000 volts thru his private bits but the amps were about 0.2. Uncomfortable but professionally designed to retain livestock! Not intended for what happened!

  10. CartoonMovieMakers says:

    dalbystorm i hope the pig didn’t get much pain

  11. chickenbutt300 says:

    keep the pig shocked for a day then you get bacon

  12. OkDanOk11 says:

    Im wondering why the dude is clapping once it gets shocked

  13. thatsnotchocolat says:

    LOL the pig actually came

  14. Achonzay says:

    they’re both female

  15. biancabrennan says:

    lol i can make you go crazy

  16. comedygwald2 says:

    mad amount of views!! good video! joe the hairdresser haha

  17. PeanutWarfare says:

    Lol, the pig busted his load

  18. LaineIlianacw491 says:

    so Im a young girl with the most incredible smile

  19. Farmer2492 says:

    who would want to copy the crap film any way

  20. thomaspeters1994 says:

    piggy style failed:D

  21. larsattack says:

    I wonder if the girl felt it too or was she just scared lol

  22. conor rathbone says:

    i paused it and theres actually a white wiggly line between the animals so i think it did ejaculate just as the electric fence touched its balls lool!

  23. ShortFingeredShreder says:

    Did anybody else see the electrified load at 0:02?!

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