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Adding a New Pasture (Part 4)- A Homeschooling Lesson

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We generally tie homeschooling lessons to whatever farm work and experiences the family is experiencing. In this video, we build upon some of the spiritual curriculum we have developed about the divine nature of the circle and how all things are connected and tie it to electric fencing and the ecosystem of the new pasture we are renting.

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4 Responses to “Adding a New Pasture (Part 4)- A Homeschooling Lesson”
  1. heaventime50 says:

    did you always live here?

  2. pocketsofthefuture says:

    Thank you for your comment. We feel the animals are part of the family and our family life has improved a great deal due to the homestead.

  3. pocketsofthefuture says:

    Thank you as always for your kind comments. The homeschooling actually came before the homesteading and helped create the homestead. We were studying the great qualities of loyalty and service in dogs as natural examples for our children. Interestingly Lucy, our border collie, came to us at just that time and then the rest of the homestead followed quickly after that.

  4. Christal Carden says:

    That is a really sweet video. I think it’s great what ya’ll are providing for your children. A real education that is practical and spiritual. Real involvement from parents is quite rare. Good job guys! Thanks for posting.

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