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Advantages of Electric Dog Fence

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Electric Dog Fence: The Key to Keeping Your Beautiful Garden Safe

There should be no reason for you to be torn over giving your dog free reign over your yard and protecting your beautiful garden where you have planted your prized roses and gardenias, where you have invested your sweat , time & money. This is because there is something that you can do to protect one and give a modicum of freedom to the other. Yes, it is possible for your dog and your garden to coexist wonderfully on the same yard and this is through setting up a proper electric dog fence around your garden.

With this fence, you will be able to let your dog roam freely on the parts of your yard where it can’t trample on your garden and dig around some. In this way, you may still get the chance to win that blue ribbon for your roses during the next garden competition.

Types of Electric Dog Fence

1. The Radio Electric Dog Fence. If you have made up your mind about protecting your garden from your dog, then you should buy that radio electric dog fence now. This invisible electric fence works with a receiver that is contained in a radio dog collar. You will be able to protect your garden by setting up this special dog fence around it. So when your dog decides to saunter over to your garden, perhaps to view what’s beneath your flowerbeds, he will receive a mild corrective static that will prompt him to stay away.

You will also know if your dog is getting near your garden because you will hear a warning note before your dog gets the corrective static. As such, you must make sure to have the radio collar that comes along with the electric dog fence around your dog’s neck at all times, especially when he is out roaming the yard. With this, you can preserve the beauty of your garden and your flowers.

2. The Ping-String Electric Dog Fence. Now, if you think that there is only one type of electric dog fence which will keep your dog away from your garden and your flowers, then you are mistaken. This is because there is actually an electric dog fence that could keep other dogs away as well. After all, there is no sense in protecting your garden from being ravaged by your dog when it can be just easily destroyed by other animals in your neighborhood.

So if you are interested in the electric dog fence that keeps both your dog and other animals away from your prized garden, then you are looking for the “ping-string” variety of the invisible electric fences available in the market.

If you are still trying to decide on which type of electric dog fence you want to get, try browsing what’s available on Pet Depot Online. Here, you will be apprised of the features of the invisible electric fences that could meet your needs and you could avail of them at affordable prices as well.

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  1. Great post, very informative for people who are a little unsure of how the invisible dog fence works. The humanity of these products, as well as the type which is best for their beloved pet. Keep writing it’s very helpful.


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