Tuesday, November 20, 2018


11 Responses to “Basketball Part 1”
  1. ThatGirlAgain92 says:

    :D LOL no thanks, i was super aware of where they were at all time :D no extreme animal sports for me :D

  2. manolisvlog says:

    Awesome!! Great shot buddy! hehe!

  3. manolisvlog says:

    Hhaa! A basket of food is better lol

    20 bulls and cows? Wow!! Time for some bull riding then haha!

  4. ThatGirlAgain92 says:

    Awww, we’ll have to edit you in sometime :D

  5. dougnixon6464 says:

    hahahah wish i could have played :(

  6. ThatGirlAgain92 says:

    LOL :) 

  7. ThatGirlAgain92 says:

    Was a super fun day :)

  8. THEKILLERWOLF1000 says:

    Love it

  9. M1C4A3LHU11 says:

    That was me at 0:52 :D haha! Thanks.

  10. ThatGirlAgain92 says:

    LOL nice, right now i’d love a basket of food hahahaha
    Got some quite good shots….and as you can seee…some epic fails too!! >.< I climbed from the other side hahaha. There’s a tree i run under near the end, i climbed to the top of that too :D
    Yeah electric & barbed wire, where i went through to get the ball is a bull field, they have like 20 bulls & cows in there, that’s why i ran LOL!
    Thanks for watching Manoli, take care :D

  11. manolisvlog says:

    Basketaball!! Nice..I prefer a basket ..with food though lol (bad joke) haha

    0:52 nice shot!

    1:05 yay!!

    1:35 lol

    4:52 How did you get up there??haha!!

    There was an electric fence there? Really?

    Off to watch p.2 :)

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