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Benefits of Electric Fencing, Flexibility |

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An electric fence system can easily be designed to work in most environments or geographical conditions. An electric fence can be placed fairly easily in all types of soil, rocky, sandy, clay etc. When compared to other fencing options, with the work involved in digging the post holes and carrying the large spools of wire for those systems, electric fence installation can be done with relative ease.

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One Response to “Benefits of Electric Fencing, Flexibility |”
  1. royalconcrete1 says:

    I just set up a FiShock electric fence and my purdy but dry watermelons are still there. Daddy helped me, cause no matter how hard I try to figure things out and I think I have it all figured out the best way, here comes daddy and in a few sentences comes up with amazing better ideas to make it all better. I did´╗┐ the ground though and it rocks, that fence will shock the crap out of you. I reached to pull a blade of wet grass off of the fence and the shock traveled thru the grass and shocked me

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