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Boxer Experiences Electric Fence

April 22, 2013 by  
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I had to install an electric fence to try and stop my boxer from jumping the fence. His first encounter was caught on video. It is funny to watch this. Hopef…

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25 Responses to “Boxer Experiences Electric Fence”
  1. Liz Orosz says:

    This was not the best idea cause the dog felt trapped

  2. Matthew C says:

    Touching post…

  3. firebluestudios says:

    Dude, maybe you dog needs a walk?

  4. Oxy Tony says:



  5. bparker65 says:

    If its that easy for your dog to get out, then it’s not safe for him. I would make him an indoor dog. he’s not a bad dog, he just needs PROPER training.

  6. SoCalShoota says:

    I need that for my grill

  7. awbaker722 says:


  8. gia1nkotb4life says:


  9. teamcelica05 says:

    So wrong

  10. Catrina Salvia says:

    loll LOLL o mg i sorry

  11. 1CHINOdeLINDSE4 says:

    still got out… fail!

  12. Colton Johansson says:


  13. jmetyk says:

    safety for my dog comes first

  14. jmetyk says:

    Use the electric collar and put the wire around the outside so shock happens before he jumps that keeps him from within a few inches of the fence prior to jump he gets the shock I have used it for my boxer in yard with the flags and only got shocked once now associates Flags with shock can go to any place and just use the flags he can run the whole yard now and I never have to worry about him going in the street not a lot a fence where I live

  15. Chaz Starks says:

    Question is.. Did your dogg ever learn its lesson…

  16. Chaz Starks says:

    Best comment out here!

  17. Brady MIgel says:

    Animal cruelty bro :P

  18. chickenfuxor says:

    This is exactly how I teach my kids to stay in the yard.

  19. Kaitlynne Blanchard says:

    The dog is like dafauk I just jumped over this thing yesterday what happened

  20. Eljan99 says:

    Omg just walk him!!

  21. kingdrake2 says:

    dog jumped the fence, did feel bad about it getting shocked though :( .

  22. Lee Hope says:

    As a side note, this is actually illegal here in Australia. Food for thought?

  23. skinny jason says:

    u need a even HIGHER fence

  24. Mitchell Hill says:

    electric fences only give a small jolt, I have caught a few off of them and your reaction is to jump and go”OW” but its not painful and is a good way to teach fido to keep off the fences.. way nicer than being run over or put down for biting some kid,

  25. Hannah Louie says:

    U r right!!

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