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Brian Boswell’s Circus Cruelty – Durban SA. – July 2011

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View in High Quality as camera didn’t focus so quality is poor at the end. The background noise is pouring rain. I arrived to discover the two elephants standing in the pouring rain. (It has been raining heavily for days.) One was displaying stereotypical behaviour of an elephant in distress. Wild animals don’t lose their natural instinct to socialize and need to roam freely. Circus animals often show their distress through abnormal behaviour, which takes the form of constant swaying, bobbing, weaving or pacing up and down, such as this elephant is doing. These elephants perform two 10-minute shows per day. The rest of their time is spent in this same tiny enclosure, day in and day out, day in and day out, confined by electric fencing. Next, two men approached the elephants, both with whips. Look closely and you can see the white man using his whip on the elephants to get compliance. After walking them around the ring a few times they were rewarded with a snack. I was then spotted and told to leave. I was warned that nobody is allowed to take photos. At the end you can see the guy come towards me gesticulating for me to stop the photos. THIS WAS THE MOST HEARTBREAKING SIGHT! I was actually shaking with sorrow at witnessing these beautiful, majestic creatures being reduced to this, a life of slavery ruled by whips and human domination. This is cruelty at it’s best and this really needs to be outlawed. It is too much for any living creature to have to bear.

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5 Responses to “Brian Boswell’s Circus Cruelty – Durban SA. – July 2011”
  1. godsactful says:

    Jodyblake, err humans were ‘legally’ caged up. Last I heard it was called the slave trade. I believe whips and chains were used too. When will people fucking learn?

  2. MegaSaddened says:


  3. Kim Trent says:

    This same elephant has been manifesting this stereotypical behaviour for years! Yet Boswell ignores her plight and continues to drag these two elephants around the country for months and months on end. The conditions are always the same for them, enclosed alongside their “beast wagon” without adequate shelter from rain or sun. Only the venues change! It is so sad.

  4. Dele1219 says:

    Thank you for bringing this to everyone’s attention. Yes, elephant swaying is a distress reaction to being held captive and not having their biological and behavioral needs met. Please search “elephant stereotypy” and “the captivity industry” to learn more and spread the word. To all, please boycott zoos and animal circuses. The elephants thank you.

  5. jodyblake says:

    I believe that the work you are doing is both courageous and exemplary! It is clear to see that these beautiful animals are traumitized.

    I shall die fighting for the equal rights of humans and animals! We could not legally cage a person up like this. So why should it be different for a beautiful, intelligent, emotion laden animal, such as the elephant?

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