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The History and inspiration of Elsonic dates back to 1942 and the IInd. World War, when Pilot Officer Ram (Zozo)Bhatt set foot in England for the 12th Pilots Course, as part of the contingent…

Battery 25m Poultry Netting Energiser Kit

Battery energiser netting kits are ideal for protecting your flock from predators such as foxes. This kit…

Boxer Experiences Electric Fence

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I had to install an electric fence to try and stop my boxer from jumping the fence. His first encounter was caught on video. It is funny to watch this. Hopef…

Electric Fence Chain at CAMP JIM

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Haha all the boys at Camp JIM touching the electric fence at the retreat……

Introduction to EZEE Corral Portable Fence Kit This video introduces you to the Zareba System’s EZEE Corral Portable Fence Kit. Using land tha…

Centaur HTP – The Horse Friendly Fence

Installation video for Centaur HTP fencing, available exclusively in the UK from Tornado Wire Ltd.

How to get shocked by an electric fence

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This video is two of my kids and their friend getting shocked by the hot wire surrounding our chicken yard. My daughter is filming with her camera so wheneve…

Fencer Takes One To The Foot 1714

Fencer takes a painful jab in an unprotected spot!

Time Domain UWB Radar Fence for Safety and Security

Time Domain is engaged in a development project to produce a virtual Radar Fence. The Fence uses P400 platforms to form a multi-mode radar (mono-, bi-, multi…

Step 9 Securing the Capsule Microphone and Connector Final with Audio

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