Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Installing Electric Fencing For Horses

Setting up Electric Fencing For Horses When setting up Electric Fencing For Horses its very important to do it correctly, Electric fencing For Horses is much easier to setup than traditional fencing,it is usually much cheaper too and is very easy to maintain,Horses are very intelligent creatures and usually it doesnt take long for them [...]

Fenceman CP250 Electric Fence Energiser

The Fenceman CP250 Electric Fence Energiser is a very versatile electric fence energiser suitable for all round farm use,it is suitable for use with  horses,sheep,pigs,poultry,  and other livestock,The Fenceman CP250 Electric Fence Energiser is powered by a 12v Battery but also carries two replaceable internal 6v cells which will power the unit for 30 days [...]

Make a Solar Powered Energiser

How to Make a solar powered Energiser   Thinking of Buying a  Solar Powered Energiser for remote use ? Solar Powered energisers are generally very good though a solar powered energiser is usually a lot more expensive than a standard low voltage electric fence energiser but did you know that a low voltage electric fence [...]

9v Gallagher Electric fence Energiser – How to Remotely Charge its Battery

o Remotely charge a 9v Gallagher electric fence energiser you will need to use a solar panel,however a Gallagher electric fence energiser is powered by a 9v battery so you cannot use a standard 12v charging solar pane

Horse Electric Fence, Suitable electric fence & Energiser for Horse Control

Horse Electric Fence When deciding upon a Horse Electric Fence one important factor that must be considered is that a Horse electric fence needs to have a fairly powerful energiser connected to it,A horse electric fence will also need to be constructed of strong wiring so that if a horse should rub against it it [...]


The Fenceman DP350B electric fence energiser is a very versatile low energy energiser which is supplied  complete with batteries and a 12v adapter cable,live cable, earth stake and earth lead, The Fenceman DP350B electric fence energiser has a very clever battery saving feature  which can alter its pulse rate from 60 pulses per minute down [...]


The Kemo M062 electric fence energiser module is an ideal energiser module to purchase if you only require a reasonably small area of electric fencing,it can be used with up to 100m of fence wire and will give a pulsating high tension voltage of around 1000 volts,ideal for small animal useage such as in the [...]