Friday, October 19, 2018

Choosing an Electric Fence Energiser- Which Electric Fence Energiser is Best ?

When choosing an electric fence energiser you need to take into account
what you want the electric fence energiser to be capable of,there are
many different electric fence energisers on the market and choosing one
can be tricky but basically if you have some small animals such as
pygmy goats in a small pen then you are not going to need a very
powerful electric fence energiser,a model with an output of around 1500
to 2000 volts should be more than capable providing your pen size is
relatively small,however for larger animals such as horses in a large
field the electric fence energiser you choose should be capable of
around 8000 to 10000 volts as horses will need a larger shock plus of
course the distance the electric fence energiser needs to send an
electrical pulse around is much longer,this all needs to be taken into
consideration when purchasing an electric fence energiser,of course if
you only require an electric fence to make up a holding pen for your
horse then you should be able to use a lower rated electric fence
energiser,an energiser with an output of 5000 volts or higher should
suffice for this purpose,also should you choose a mains powered electric fence energiser or a battery powered electric fence energiser,well you should really only choose a mains powered energiser where there is easy access to mains electricity,such as in a barn, if you need to power an electric fence out in the open you should definitely choose a battery powered electric fence energiser,generally battery powered electric fence energisers use very little power so a fully charged car or leisure battery is likely to last for 3 or 4 weeks before it will require charging, if this isnt long enough the batteries power can be massively extended though by connecting it to a pv solar panel,if you do this you should find the battery will last around 3 to 4 months if its a small pv solar panel,or indefinitely if its a large pv solar panel,a vast range of different sized solar panels for use with an electric fence energiser can be found at

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