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Common Electric Fence Questions Answered

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Dogs need to be kept in. That’s a given fact, because anything a dog does outside your property will be charged to your expense. You see, if your dog damages someone else’s property or injures another person, you will have to face a claim for compensations. You probably might even have to spend a lot on medical bills as well.

The fence is always the answer to such concerns. The fence serves as the physical barrier that stops the dog from straying away from your property–for both its good and your own good. There have been several developments in fence technology, and these days, the electric fence has appeared to answer such concerns for dog owners.

What Is an Electric Dog Fence?

The electric dog fence is non-physical barrier which makes use of boundary flags and thin wires to define the physical territory that the dog can freely roam around. Specifically, it uses a thin radio wire that the owner buries to the ground and marks with flags so that the dog has a visible reference. If it tries to stray away from the territory, the system triggers a “corrective Static” stimulation via the receiver collar that comes along with the package.

Is The System Safe for My Dogs?

Definitely. The static stimulation that a dog is given when it tries to stray from the territory is of low power and is non-lethal to your pets. If you have children, the boundary wire will not affect them as well because it is the receiver collar that emits the stimulation. As long as they keep their hands away from the contact points in the dog’s collar then they are perfectly safe from worry.

Will the Receiver Collar Fit All Sizes of Dogs?

Unfortunately, no. The receiver collar is designed for use with dogs that weigh a minimum of 8 pounds. There will be difficulty trying to fit it with smaller dogs.

I Have a Large Space. Will It Fit?

Yes. The electric fence is designed to be able to work in a maximum area of 5 acres. You would need to purchase additional wire kits in order for you to be able to accommodate for land areas of more than an acre wide. Any lesser than that, and the default system is the only thing you need to purchase for your home.

How About Existing Fences?

Old fences are not a problem with the electric fence for dogs. In fact, these fences have been put into consideration since it is common for dogs to dig themselves through the fence or, worse, to simply jump over it in its desire to go out and extend their freedom.

How Long Will It Take For the Dog to Be Trained?

Good news. With the electric dog fence, it only takes you up to 2 weeks maximum of training your dog to remain within your property. If you have more than one dog, you simply need to purchase additional receiver collars so you can use the system with them.

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