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Cute Pygmy Shetland Ponies!

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Don’t let their size fool you, pygmy Shetland ponies like to pig out big time. Carrots, apples, grass—they love it all, and will do just about anything to get food in their mouths. Running through barbed wire or risking a zap from an electric fence? Doesn’t faze them. At least not the adorably naughty ponies we visited at Misty Meadow Farm in Kent, England. One of the highlights was their daily exercise routine, which consists of trotting and jumping over tiny pony hurdles. When they leap, their stunted mini-legs swish in the air, and it’s so precious we almost died. Sometimes, if they’ve put on a few too many pounds, they have to wear muzzles when they leave their itty-bitty stables so they don’t eat everything in sight. They hate that! But it’s for their own good, and watching them try to push the muzzle off makes you laugh and feel sorry for the chubby li’l guys at the same time. These peewees are also quite intelligent, and some are even trained as guide horses for the blind. How noble! More episodes of Cute Show here: bit.ly Subscribe to VICE here! bit.ly Check out our full video catalog: bit.ly Videos, daily editorial and more: vice.com Like VICE on Facebook fb.com Follow VICE on Twitter: twitter.com Read our tumblr: vicemag.tumblr.com

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24 Responses to “Cute Pygmy Shetland Ponies!”
  1. dat90zkid says:

    WTF LOOL this is the funniest video

  2. holybigbang says:

    so what’s her sexual relationship with the pownies? why would vice could out the interesting part, that doesn’t mae sense

  3. Bromosexuell says:

    idk but the host looks like the kind of women who torture little ponies with burning cigarettes. the ponies have that sad and empty look in their eyes…

  4. theinfiniteetcetera says:

    I didn’t know horses could talk.

  5. gowalkingathinline says:

    Very cute. I’d like one to go along with my pygmy sheltie. She’s only 16lbs.

  6. lacarter111 says:

    I am really shocked by all the negativity on here! Don’t get your nickers in a bunch people and cut down on the caffeine! Geezzz, what a crabby lot you are!

  7. juanbaca81 says:

    I wonder how one tastes, medium rare?

  8. Danielle Guzman says:

    high end eh? What the fuck are you doing on youtube then?

  9. Mandragara says:

    You should check out their main site, they don’t throw everything on youtube.

  10. MrFreshieG says:

    Lucy’s a cutie:)

  11. killacopforfun666 says:

    Cool im gunn get me one of these to eat and butcher hah:)

  12. TheBombBoarder says:

    I want to see more cannibals and shit :L

  13. TheKr4z1 says:

    I miss watching stuff how parts of the world are so bad and all. :c

  14. 86Corvus says:

    cool, how do they taste?

  15. Shock sho says:

    Guys look at it from THERE perspective. All those documentaries costs lots of money and manpower and in this economy.

  16. herpderpmonkey says:

    And also, ponies are actually assholes, especially shetlands. They’re pretentious dickwads with terrible temperament.

  17. tattat44 says:

    Any time, dear.

  18. Liz Osborne Leavell says:

    Real tough.

  19. Liz Osborne Leavell says:

    Real tough. 

  20. Achilles1776 says:

    . . . do you know how much work goes into all of that? Calm down man.

  21. liveloveswim123 says:


  22. tankguy1981 says:

    Dear Vice,

    Cool Doc.


  23. papaluigi46 says:

    Only two words. Butt Stallion.

  24. Joey MadFish says:

    Fuckin’ love the cute show. Fuck the haters. Cute show 4 lyfe.

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