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Dares – My vault on and dismount failure! [diligentdilly20]

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Haha no crit, I was being clever and trying to get off the ‘cool’ way.. I got my foot caught on the off electric fencing, spooked marbs and went flying LOL! Apart from a battered knee and glad that marbs was okay, i found it quite funny! :’)

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13 Responses to “Dares – My vault on and dismount failure! [diligentdilly20]”
  1. HorseyLoverJade xo says:

    Ouuchhy! Good Marbs though! :)

  2. Lucy Best says:

    oh you make me laugh misses :’) <3
    sexy cobby btw ;D;D

  3. Mave Major says:

    love this :’)x

  4. MintyBabesxo says:

    oh god this cracked me up :’]
    hope you were alright ;P xx

  5. XxEpicRiderxX says:

    Bahahahahahahaha….funneh (:
    Glad u nd ur horse is ok tho…

  6. emmax13x says:

    This made me giggle haha :’) hope you’re alright though :) xx

  7. chloerolo says:

    ow!! looks painful ahaa

  8. boylebenjy2010 says:

    oh dear, lol, im gonna try this at the weekend and that will be a sireous fail :| xoxo

  9. HorseyyGal says:

    lmao :L hope you’re okay now! Was the fence on? Ouchhh :L

  10. XxPokeydotxX says:

    ouch that must have hurt lol

  11. RhiandPug says:

    yayy you did my dare!! well done :’) xx

  12. catrionaandlucy says:

    haha! that’s great! xD
    and loveee this song ;D x

  13. sugarismyhorse says:

    looool awh! :L when it spooked i lol’d xD dismounting in style ;)

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