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Do Not Piss On Electric Fence

March 9, 2013 by  
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Always read the signboard before pissing.

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25 Responses to “Do Not Piss On Electric Fence”
  1. Brazil2044 says:


  2. Killenwolf says:

    Did he die?

  3. xJacobxHM says:

    It’s no the volts that kill ya, it’s the amps.

  4. Lloyd Chaffey says:

    cure for herpes

  5. IGrowDankBuds420 says:

    Man i so regret posting this video…

  6. Shane Fackme says:


  7. broly2099 says:

    O_O rayos!!!

  8. James Ericson says:

    pissing on electric fence? urine danger

  9. 中野 琢真 says:


  10. Viktor D says:


  11. davideoking101 says:

    No mo babbys

  12. Springheeljack1099 says:


  13. kcslilbro24 says:

    i feel so bad for that guy ;p

  14. SuburbanDon says:


  15. Deyonna Allen says:

    his penis got shocked hahah don’t piss on that fence dude!

  16. jonathans8 says:

    the visual effect looks extremely fake, but a shock might still knock you over like that. nobody has a prepared reaction to being electrocuted unexpectedly. mythbusters have shown the air between the droplets is too much insulation for an everyday current one might come across… which leads me to believe he pissed on his shoes, or they were already wet, or something similar.

  17. Palundrium says:

    Going along the same train of thought, it’s very convenient the (actor?) conveniently fell into some soft snow.

  18. nekolux says:

    You might get a tiny shock, it will hurt. But you will not faint. High voltage, low amperage. Your pee also doesnt form a direct stream. Jumping through the droplets lowers the power of the shock.

    So, yes it’s fake. Also look at that discharge. Do you know how much electricity is needed to make a electric bolt like that?

    Do you know how easy it is to make that sort of effect in adobe after effects? =)

  19. DarthChess says:

    Snorts of laughter only

  20. toybox1908 says:

    why the hell would you piss on an electric fence!?

  21. SoftBulletFilms says:

    is that fake?

  22. Mexico013 says:

    lmao lmao

  23. Ortega2Productions says:


  24. watchergirl101 says:

    wtf idiot

  25. jutsubo says:

    that does happen but depending on the voltage and if ur going bad enough u can create a pretty close streama dn if the voltage is high enough it can jump from each droplet, believe me i pissed on the electric horse fense near my house, that fucking hurt

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