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Electric Fences For Dogs-The Essentials and Why an Invisible Dog Fence Might Be Ideal for Your Pet

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One thing that needs to be understood is that when a dog crosses over the invisible electronic boundary, he will receive a small shock. That shock will stop after a set period of time. It is designed to encourage Fido to correct course and return within the boundary. If he were to run off for whatever reason, he will not be receiving continuous shocks until the receiver dies or the collar is removed.

Wireless Electric Dog Fence

There is a lot of flexibility with a wireless electric dog fence. If you have an area you wish to have patrolled by your dog(s), the boundaries can be very large. At the same time, if you have an area that you do not want your dogs to access, that can be easily adjusted for.

Electric Dog Fencing

That means if you are one that enjoys gardening and you have no desire to see your best friend dig it up for you, you can easily set up electric dog fencing to deny him access.

Having electric fences does not mean you are not responsible for training the dog to respect the new boundaries. You can help them by placing something in the ground along the border so they associate it with the beep and shock they receive when they near the electric fencing.

One huge advantage with electric dog fencing is the area that can be covered. So anyone that has an investment in business materials, or any valuables, can have them quickly enclosed by an electric fence.

It’s evident this will give you the advantage to allow your dog(s) to freely roam. They won’t be limited to a fenced-in area, or on a leash, where they can only bark to notify you of an intruder.

You will have the security and peace-of-mind knowing your sentries will be protecting your investments and not running off into the woods or the neighborhood.

Our electric fences for dogs can be adapted to almost any situation. Anything from a garden or tool shed to several acres can be quickly secured.

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