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Electric Fences For Dogs-What They Don’t Tell You About Electric Dog Fences

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An electric dog fence has some significant advantages to a regular physical boundary for your dog. But there are some disadvantages also and there are some circumstances where you should really not opt for an electric fence.

Advantages of Electric Fences for Dogs
The advantages of an electric fence for your dog are primarily:

1.   Appearance
It is clearly a more attractive proposition around your home than a physical fence and does not require maintenance or repairs like a physical fence might.

2.    Cost
The cost of an electric fence will be much cheaper than the alternative. You can buy a very good electric version for as little as $200 versus the $1,000 it might cost to erect and install a physical barrier.

3.    Effectiveness
The electric fence for your dog will be more effective for your dog provided he is trained properly.


1.   You Must Train Your Dog
If you choose an electric fence you will need to train your dog. For some people this is a chore and if you are older or infirm then you might not want the hassle.

2.    You Will Need a Power Source
You will need a power source for your invisible barrier but this can be indoors if you don’t have one outside.

When You Should Not Use An Electric Fence For Your Dog

You should be careful about using one when your dog is
a)    Aggressive
b)    Very small or a pup
c)    Pregnant
d)    You are not prepared to train him/her for his new surroundings.

Clearly these are the main considerations for you to mull over. On balance, the electric version is a great choice and can be wonderful for both you, your dog and the appearance of your property.

I hope these points have given you some food for thought when it comes to making a new world for your “best friend”.

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