Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Installing Electric Fencing For Horses

Setting up Electric Fencing For Horses

When setting up Electric Fencing For Horses its very important to do it correctly, Electric fencing For Horses is much easier to setup than traditional fencing,it is usually much cheaper too and is very easy to maintain,Horses are very intelligent creatures and usually it doesnt take long for them to realise that every time they touch the electrical polytape used in your Electric Fencing For Horses system they will receive an unpleasant shock from the energiser so they will  keep a safe distance in the future.

If you have existing fencing with fence wire or barbed wire stapled to posts then an Electric Fencing For Horses system can be easily added to this to give greater protection as it will then become the primary method of protection,insulators can be easily screwed onto the posts and the electrical polywire or polytape is then passed through each of these to run the same distance as your conventional fencewire,its very important that insulators are used rather then pinning the electrical polywire directly to the post,this step should not be skipped to save costs as the polywire will suffer from heavy electrical leakage in damp  conditions rendering your Electric Fencing For Horses system at best pretty ineffective,or at worst useless.

When designing your Electric Fencing For Horses system one of the most important items required is the electric fence energiser,there are many different electric fence energisers on the market today and its  important to know what you are looking for,for horse control you really need an electric fence  energiser with an output of over 3000v, if the horse is unshod then you should look for a energiser with a higher output as an unshod horse will have more resistance to the shock produced than a shod horse would,try to buy a 12v energiser if you can as this can be run directly from a 12v battery so is ideal for placing in a field far away from the nearest electrical supply,with 12v energisers current consumption is also important as this determines how long your battery will last before it needs charging,look for an energiser with a consumption of between 100ma and 200ma if you can as this means that a standard car sized 12v battery will be able to power it for many weeks before it will need recharging,if you want your Electric fencing for Horses System to be more or less completely self sufficient this can be easily achieved by adding a solar panel, by connecting a solar panel to the battery it will enable the battery to last much much longer,many months in most instances,to purchase a suitable pv solar panel for charging a 12v battery used for Electric Fencing For Horses please click here

In Conclusion,the items required to set up your Electric Fencing For Horses system are a 3000v output (or higher)12v  electric fence energiser and connectors, electric fence insulators and screws, roll of electrical polytape or polywire, an Earth stake,electric fence warning sign,12v battery (the bigger the better) and a 12v charging solar panel if you want to keep the 12v battery used for your Electric Fencing For Horses system topped up most of the year round.

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