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The Invisible Fence brings together technological innovation and coaching to keep pets protected and owners free of worry. An Invisible Fence produces an unseen, electronic boundary around any area wherever domestic pets live, allowing them freedom to run and have fun without the physical restrictions and cosmetic concerns of a conventional fence.

For dog owners, the Invisible Fence boasts a lot more than just a barrier. It makes it possible for pets to run freely without the need of the constraints of wood or metal fencing and helps do away with the behavior troubles induced by pent-up energy. And, seeing that no structures are apparent, the Invisible Fence system does not interfere with landscape designs or lawn upkeep, as common fencing could.

The Invisible Fence operates with a combination of computerized collars and specially developed coaching. The collar produces a warning beep whenever a pet nears the limits of the fence. If the dog ignores the alert, the fence produces a mild electric shock. Training teaches the dog to pay attention to the warning and prevent the shock. The result? Tiger learns to stay inside the boundaries of the fence, where he can frolic and explore, and his owner relaxes, knowing he’s secure without the need of continuous supervision.

Animal care experts and veterinarians encourage the use of the Invisible Fence, mainly because it’s a non-restrictive way to continue to keep family pets, especially canines, happy and protected. Since Invisible Fences cannot be damaged or torn down, they could also lessen the number of dogs wounded or killed after getting away because of holes and interruptions in old fashioned fences. Electronic barriers are also able to be utilized alongside normal fencing to reinforce the boundary and do away with digging or other destructive manners.

Invisible Fence technology is not just for dogs, though. It will keep cats as well as other critters secure, too. Computerized collars are accessible in smaller sizes, and the same cautionary beeps and shocks enhance awareness of the perimeters of the safe zones. Invisible Fences perform to produce barriers within the house too, keeping animals out of or within specific locations within the radius of the fence’s control unit.

The Invisible Fence Brand electronic pet barriers deliver options to suit any family’s needs, with full data, support and coaching readily available on the internet site at

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