Friday, October 19, 2018

EVX2000 Electric Fence Energiser Manufactured By Edge ElectronicsS

The current most powerful electric fence energiser in their range,the Edge Electronics EVX2000 is a compact  but fairly powerful 12v electric fence energiser for use with  electric fencing wire,these are most commonly used for the purpose of either keeping small animals in an enclosure,or for keeping predators such as foxes at bay,the EVX2000 electric fence energiser is ideal for use in the protection of chicken runs and bantam enclosures though they also have the power for deterring larger animals such as cats and dogs from specific areas such as vegetable plots,allotments,garden borders and ponds,the EVX2000 electric fence energiser  can also be used with smaller farm animals such as pigs or  goats for control purposes though we wouldnt recommend using one for horses unless its a very small horse,these generally need a larger electric fence energiser,usually an electric fence energiser of 4000 volts and above is suffice for deterring horses or cattle,when used with a 12v battery the EVX2000 electric fence energiser will produce impulses of approx 2000volts,their current consumption however is considerably small,usually in the region of  10 –  15 milliamps,with such a tiny current consumption its possible to run one of these electric fence energisers from a small 12v 7ah battery for at least a couple of weeks before it will need recharging,a large car or leisure battery will of course last much much longer,by connecting a small 12v solar panel such as a 3watt solar panel to the battery its very likely that the battery wont ever need to be recharged by a mains battery charger again,these electric fence energisers are supplied ready to go with fused wiring harness with large battery clips for easy battery connection,a mounting clip,small croc clips for attaching to your electric fence wire and full instructions,you just need to add a battery,fence wire,insulators,warning sign and an earth stake,please note these lower voltage electric fence energisers do need good insulation so insulators on your electric fence wiring is a necessity,also please note none of the range of Edge Electronics electric fence energisers are suitable for use with electric netting as this usually requires a much more powerful energiser,for more info please click here, Evx2000

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