Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Fenceman CP250 Electric Fence Energiser

The Fenceman CP250 Electric Fence Energiser is a very versatile electric fence energiser suitable for all round farm use,it is suitable for use with  horses,sheep,pigs,poultry,  and other livestock,The Fenceman CP250 Electric Fence Energiser is powered by a 12v Battery but also carries two replaceable internal 6v cells which will power the unit for 30 days in the event of the main 12v battery losing power so that the electric fence remains live, a very useful feature I think you will agree, with a 6800v output the Fenceman CP250 Electric Fence Energiser is capable of powering up to 2.5miles or 4km of single strand wire,more than enough for the average horse paddock,with an average current consumption of just 50ma this electric fence energiser should be capable of  powering your electric fence for several weeks before your battery needs charging.

The Fenceman CP250 Electric Fence Energiser features a fence line indicator and a low battery indicator so you can tell at a glance if everything is performing as it should be,it also features a constant power output throughout the life of the battery,this ensures that the output remains the same until the battery is completely Flat,it is also fitted with an integral earth stake and connecting clips making it portable and very easy to setup,its literally just a case of adding your 12v battery  and connecting it to your fence wire,lastly the Fenceman CP250 Electric Fence Energiser has a stored energy rating of  0.25 J   making it a fairly powerful electric fence energiser,more than powerful enough for most farming or equestrian requirements so if you are looking for an electric fence energiser that could be used for a multitude of tasks then the Fenceman CP250 electric fence energiser could be a good choice.

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