Friday, October 19, 2018


The Fenceman DP350B electric fence energiser is a very versatile low energy energiser which is supplied  complete with batteries and a 12v adapter cable,live cable, earth stake and earth lead,

The Fenceman DP350B electric fence energiser has a very clever battery saving feature  which can alter its pulse rate from 60 pulses per minute down to 20 per minute,This feature can more than double the life of the batteries ( 6v or 12v )
Each fenceman DP350B electric fence energiser also features a patent circuit so that you know that as the battery runs down the output from energiser will remain more or less the same,
This means your electric fencing will be working 100% all the time, right up to the point when your battery needs recharging or replacing,
The Fenceman DP350B is a very easy to use electric fence energiser fitted with a self supporting stand and carrying handle,this model electric fence energiser also incorporates a fence line indicator,
Output indicator,an Adjustable pulse rate which increases energy output when operated from 12 volts,a Battery low indicator and integral earth stake.
The Fenceman DP350B Energiser electric fence energiser s suitable for all round farm use,it is Powered by 4 D cells batteries (included) and will electrify upto 800m of fencing or you could use a 12 volt wet cell battery (not included) to power 3000m of fencing,Each Fenceman DP350B  electric fence energiser is currently supplied with a
2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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