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Homesteading-Fencing over a creek

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Using electric fence to fence in a creek or you could use it for any problem area that regular fencing would not work.

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25 Responses to “Homesteading-Fencing over a creek”
  1. Link Knight says:

    oh get real. damn near half the systems you can buy in Australia are solar ran ones. i mean they have a solar panel on top of a plastic box with a battery and the fence electronics all built in together. BTW cows seem to have a 6th sense as to whether electric fences are running or not. I’ve seen 7% of cows jump the fence within 20 mins of the electric fence system going down (wire shorted just past the start of the line).

  2. uglysutton says:

    when the grid goes down how is he going to keep the cows in? i kno that probably all of the cows he has now know that if they touch it its gonna hurt but if the grid goes down and he looses eletricity for a while and he has some calfs there not going to think that the fence will hurt and they will walk right through it and not get shocked

  3. MrJarhead8541 says:

    that is cool ive never seen a electric fence like that

  4. JimsEquipmentShed says:

    The lead isn’t touching the water. (If it was, the fence would be going to ground, and that would defeat the purpose of having an electric fence in the first place.)

  5. xlxshanexlx says:

    You are just agitated because you are an idiot. Go read a book kid.

  6. breezebro says:

    I think you may already be part of rainbow amerikka.

  7. BreakfastBentoBox says:

    oh boy, sounds like so much fun. I will get started right away. Should I start red neck amerikka?

  8. BreakfastBentoBox says:

    and you have been an ignorant ass for a VERY long time.

  9. xlxshanexlx says:

    you do release MOST fishing weights contain lead right? It’s been like that for a VERY long time.

  10. sugerbear520 says:


  11. BornRandy62 says:

    I see lots of crossings like this supported by 55 gallon barrels. They work well until high water sends a bunch of heavy floaters down stream.

  12. wagyu52 says:

    LOL you can hear the fence snapping in the background…. Be careful it sounds hot! I use this technique it is the only way to fence a creek IMHO. The only thing that I add is [2] temp 3/8 posts on each bank w/a strand of poly wire between at waist level, twisted around one of my down hot wires, secured loosely. Then, when/if the creek takes it out all you need to do is replace the poly wire [cheap] and your back in business. I’ll be subscribing!

  13. cccEngineer says:

    Yeah they were dead way before the filming of the video. Just kidding. :D

  14. BreakfastBentoBox says:

    i cannot believe ppl r so uneducated they r willing 2 argue about the toxicity of lead as a myth. r u mad? seriously ppl. Let me guess, we should also abolish the EPA, haha. fuctards.

  15. breezebro says:

    You need to send your message to every fisherman in the world then cause we all use lead weights. These are seldom in the water. Thanks for poisoning our minds with your goofy ideas.

  16. breezebro says:

    And let him know when he has a fish on the line. lol

  17. teamhunley says:

    PEE ON IT =D

  18. ferdonandebull says:

    In my state we have a liberal interpretation of navagatable waterway. A fence like this would be legal to cut…

  19. ferdonandebull says:

    Lead from sinkers is not a problem. Lead from manufacture

  20. BreakfastBentoBox says:

    hence, you are still ignorant to the verified scientific and medical fact that lead IS poisonous. You can believe in old wives tales that is will make you stronger, and that lifting it will make you stronger. Point is, lead in your water is toxic. make believe what you want, just sayin. dont mock me for pointing out the truth of the reality. thanks for poisoning our streams with your lead fish weights.

  21. boulevardtalonman says:

    I may try that with one of my water gates, now I have to go repair it every time the water gets up

  22. theslawek says:

    People (like my parents) played with lead cast toys when they were younger and they are fine. I’ve seen fishermen press lead weights onto fishing line with their teeth and they’re alive. That lead weight will do nothing. I rather touch lead and live on a smelly farm than live in house “freshened” by some synthetic aerosol.

  23. BreakfastBentoBox says:

    nothing like LEAD in your groundwater, mmmm mmm. I am lovin it.

  24. HomesteadAcres says:

    Great vid and a great idea!

  25. BookGolem says:

    Great way to keep people out too.

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