Friday, October 19, 2018

Horse Electric Fence, Suitable electric fence & Energiser for Horse Control

Horse Electric Fence

When deciding upon a Horse Electric Fence one important factor that must be considered is that a Horse electric fence needs to have a fairly powerful energiser connected to it,A horse electric fence will also need to be constructed of strong wiring so that if a horse should rub against it it wont fray and break.

Horse Electric Fence Energiser

The horse electric fence energiser you decide to use must be fairly powerful to give out a high enough voltage to deter the horse,there are many cheaper electric fence energisers on the market these days such as the Kemo M082 and the Edge EVC1200, however these electric fence energisers are usually not powerful enough to deter a horse,The electric fence energiser required will need to have a much higher output for this task,we would recommend using an electric fence energiser such as the Hotline P450s Hobby which has an output of around 8500volts making it an ideal electric fence energiser to use,it is also a 12v Energiser so it can be directly powered out in the field or paddock by a 12v car battery.

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