Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Hotline P450s Horse electric fence energiser

Hotline P450/s Hobby Horse electric fence Energiser


The Hotline P450/s Hobby electric fence energiser is a medium power, 12v battery powered electric fence energiser (electric fencer) The Hotline  P450/s Hobby electric fence energiser is perfect for lots of different uses  such as horses paddocks,Cattle grazing  etc.

The Hotline P450/S Hobby electric fence energiser is powered by a 12v rechargeable battery,this is preferably a leisure battery though a car battery can be used as an alternative if you have one handy and dont want the expense of having to purchase a leisure battery, The battery is placed a short distance away from the Hotline p450/s electric fence energiser unit,the cables from the electric fence energiser are then connected  to the battery, earth stake and the fence line.

The Hotline P450s Energiser is fitted with leds to show that the unit is working correctly,Reverse Polarity also shouldnt be an issue as if you happen to connect the leads round the wrong way a buzzer will sound as a warning. The Current Capacity of the  battery is what determines how long the battery will last before it requires charging, for example an 85amp/hr battery will require charging approximately every eight weeks or two months when used with a Hotline P450/s electric fence energiser.

If you are looking for a Horse electric fence energiser you could do a lot worse than choosing this model,the output voltage is 8500volts which is usually more than adequate for horse control, a lot of the smaller electric fence energisers such as the Kemo m082 and the Edge Evc 1500 have outputs of between 1000v and 1500v, this is fine for smaller Animals but generally isnt Powerful enough to allow  them to be used as a Horse electric fence energiser,the Hotline  p450/s Hobby electric fence energiser is however perfect for this challenge.

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