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How Does A Dog Training Fence Work?

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Do you have dogs? Do they give you the trouble of getting frequently out of your backyard and causing trouble to your neighbors. Do they give you constant headaches and fears that you would soon be facing claims for compensation for damages they incur?

The key with any dog, however, is just training. They are just like children, after all. Children need to be taught what is right from wrong at an early age, and dogs should be taught early too. However, dogs cannot think for themselves, and thus they require a different form of training: through stimulation and association.

There are a lot of ways to train a dog, and each method differs on what you want to train your pet to do. Treats are usually used, especially when one is trying to teach a dog a few new tricks. When you teach a dog a trick and he gets it the right way, he gets a treat as a reward. This instills into his mind that he is doing a job well done, and he should do it every time he is asked to if he wants to get a treat.

However, exceeding bounds is not a feat but is otherwise an offense. This calls for a punishment so that the dog will know that what he did was not called for and should be avoided the next time. Now, dogs must not be overly punished, because it will constitute animal cruelty and will subject you to legal action, which you are trying to avoid in the first place.

The answer? A dog training fence.

How Does a Dog Training Fence Work?

The dog training fence works by using radio signals as a way to discipline the dog and teach him about abiding by the territory given to him to roam free. It is somewhat similar to giving your children a spank each time they do something bad, but of course, you can’t do that to a dog.

This is how it works. The system has a central transmitter that sends signals to a receiver collar worn around the dog’s neck each time he oversteps his bounds. How does it do that? The owner installs a “trip wire,” that is, a radio wire buried under the ground that acts as a detector that the dog is attempting to leave the territory. This wire is referred to as the boundary wire and is represented by a boundary flag as a reference for the dog.

When the dog is in close proximity to the boundary flag and the buried boundary wire, the collar will emit a warning tone to catch the dog’s attention. If he turns back, then that’s good. If he attempts to go past the flag, he will get a “static correction” stimulator via the contact points on his collar. This correction will give him a slight buzz and make him go back to where he came from.

The dog training fence is designed to be safe for use by both humans and dogs. The dog does not get a very strong electric shock because the voltage is set to safe levels.

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