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How to Build a Wire Fence Gate

March 29, 2013 by  
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If you are building a barb wire fence and would like to install a cheap and easy gate then here is how. From the University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension …

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14 Responses to “How to Build a Wire Fence Gate”
  1. routscout says:

    I get how he tightens the upper wire, but how to you tighten the lower ones?

  2. comando2124 says:

    everything was fine until the end , he needs a lever on the end attached to the loop to pull the gate tight , other then that good educational video , well done .

  3. Ian Richardson says:

    All that is needed is a lever attached to the loop approx. 1000 mm. The wire from the strainer post attaches to the lever about 100mm from the end. This is then pushed against the gate upright, opposite side to the post and at a right angle to the fence line. As you push the lever toward the centre of the gate it pulls up tight. It is secured with a sliding loop attached to one of the gate’s wires.

  4. FenceTampa says:

    Awesome video, very helpful!!!!

  5. elnorteno13 says:

    should of streched the wire better and didnt need those wooden post in the middle and gate should of been tightr a cow can easiy go trough that gate

  6. NSTartan says:

    Around here, that style gate is called a ‘Dutch Gate’ because they’re so cheap and easy. Just like the Dutch.
    I kid!!

    Seriously though, they’re called dutch gates.

  7. IronFreePony says:

    But….as I said, you can’t SAFELY put livestock in…do cows not respond to mild electricity? Part of the reason I ask is because I have spent the past several months pulling down barbed wire fences and pondering “why would ANYONE handle this shit!”

  8. Seamus Smith says:

    Because if you use smooth wire it won’t keep livestock in. Fences are more a deterrent then anything else. If a cow wants to get to the other side of the fence it will find a way though it.

  9. IronFreePony says:

    Why does anyone use barbed wire? What purpose?  You can’t safely put livestock in it, so why bother dealing with the additional agony of handling it?

  10. bangcock66 says:

    Don’t double wrap your wire around the free side of the post. Otherwise you wont be able to tighten the gate as the wire sags. Also don’t drive your staples “home” leave room for the wire to move freely through the staple. This will not only allow you to tighten the fence but will let the fence bend when force is applied, For example a falling tree. Remember that, that does not bend must break.

  11. Lima547 says:

    Thanks for posting! I’m watching it from Brazil and i ll make my own now! Thanks for the University spreading info around as all colleges should do!

  12. StrainriteFencing says:

    Very informative! thanks for sharing this vid with us. you should have a look at our fencing channel too.

  13. nixnames says:

    Interesting…………love to watch.
    Thank’s for sharing with us

  14. Robbiep1337 says:

    Thanks Dallas,

    I’m building a gate today and this was very helpfull.

    Good video thanks

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