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How to Choose Fencing Equipment : Picking a Lame for Foil Fencing

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The lame is key protection for fencing with electric scoring; learn what to look for in fencing equipment in this free video on fencing gear. Expert: Amy Boyle Contact: Bio: Amy has been a fencer and swordswoman for eleven years. She fenced for the University of Southern California and the University of Northern Colorado and has taught fencers of all ages. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

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One Response to “How to Choose Fencing Equipment : Picking a Lame for Foil Fencing”
  1. TenDropChris says:

    Any tips on how to clean your lame? I looked into it and some people have advice and others say a lame shouldn’t be washed. Is there a proper way´╗┐ of maintain it?

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