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I’m Back!

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After a few weeks of fixing up a rental house, I’m back to doing my garden videos. I’ve also got a couple of new websites to mention: www.heirloomvegetables….

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9 Responses to “I’m Back!”
  1. mediamaker2000 says:

    Welcome back! Still trying to catch up with my favorite channels as you can tell. LOL

  2. FrankieT4NG says:

    welcome back!

  3. nov51947 says:

    Thanks. The house looks like a new one. The tenant is very pleased and so are we.

  4. TCsgirl68 says:

    Sorry to hear about the renovation. Good to see a video from you again. And I loved to see you drinking that rootbeer… ;-)

  5. nov51947 says:

    And the worst of the story is…it was my 37 year old daughter and her live-in boyfriend and three of my grandchildren!

  6. nov51947 says:

    Good to hear from you Susan.

  7. Susan5599 says:

    Hey, Karl! Glad you’re back and got your rental place squared away. We’re doin’ just fine here in Between. Acquired a third dog…foisted on us and then abandoned by the owner. What can I say? We love him. Take care!

  8. nov51947 says:

    @infomorgue Thanks for your comment. I’d like to know more about your GH. Kit? Brand? Material?

  9. mhpgardener says:

    Welcome back ! I know all about that refurb stuff. A bad tenent can wipe out 2 yrs of revenue in just a few months if you’re not careful. Haha, a cold beverage in the garden, life is good ! A winter GH, great idea ! ;-)

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