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Javan Langurs enjoying Eggs over Easter.

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These Javan langurs at Howletts Wild Animal Park are enjoying some “Easter” eggs. They are given boiled eggs occasionally as part of their very varied diet. The park’s group of 13 Javan langurs occupies a large open topped enclosure that was newly opened at the park last year. The state of the art enclosure has no roof and minimal electric fencing around the edges to keep the new residents inside, allowing great views of this rare primate. Javan langurs are very rarely seen in zoos but they have been kept at Howletts since 1984. The park currently houses around 50 Javan langur’s of which 90% where born at its very successful breeding programme that has celebrated over 100 births to date. Follow @AspinallParksPR on twitter for news on Howletts primates. (c) The Aspinall Foundation “Free Royalty Free Music by DanoSongs.com”

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