Friday, October 19, 2018


The Kemo M062 electric fence energiser module is an ideal energiser module to purchase if you only require a reasonably small area of electric fencing,it can be used with up to 100m of fence wire and will give a pulsating high tension voltage of around 1000 volts,ideal for small animal useage such as in the construction of electric fencing for dogs,cats,chickens etc,current consumption is pretty low at around  40 – 50 milliamps meaning a fully charged 12v battery could last for a few weeks before it will require charging,if a 5watt solar panel is also connected to the battery this should over come the energisers power useage meaning that the battery should last more or less indefinitely,these electric fence energisers are supplied blister packed with very short cables so will require cabling to be added which is very easy to do with a strip of terminal block and a length of 12v cabling,you will also require crocodile clips to connect to the battery and also the fencing,for more information please click here, Kemo M062

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