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Learn How To Use Electric Fences For Dogs

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The majority of dog owners are investing in an electric fence so that they are able to keep their mutts within their limits of the yard. They are tired of receiving angry calls from the people they live near and worrying about a car hitting them the next time they charge out into the middle of the road.

When utilizing an electric fence you have to train them to remain within the limits and instruct them on what will come about if they don’t. Without the essential training the pup may become daring and run right through it and out into moving cars. As efficient as these are they cannot be dangerous and do any damage to the pet.

Be sure that you are installing it correctly. You need to understand each part of the fence and how it all functions. It is essential to understand where the boundary is, what the warning sound is, and how much of a charge you will need to use. You need to give your dog a good deal of running room – but you must have it far enough away from the neighbor’s yards.

After the installment process is finished you will be able to put the shock collar around the dog and put a leash on him. Take him to all of the flags that signify the edge of the yard. When the warning sound goes off speak to them in a strong and commanding voice and say ‘no’. When you are done lead them quickly back to the center of the yard. He needs to be praised if he follows you.

Do this every day for thirty minutes until your dog will step away from the sound coming from the electric fence without being prompted. Make sure to give him a special treat and a lot of praise. For better training you have to add in distractions so that they know that no matter what is happening they need to stay away from the noise.

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