Friday, October 19, 2018

Mains Powered Electric Fence Energiser or 12v Electric Fence Energiser ?

Mains Powered Electric fence energiser versus a 12v Electric fence energiser,which to choose ?  a mains powered electric fence energiser does exactly the same Job as a 12v Electric Fence energiser but it is of course powered by mains fed electricity and plugs into a standard wall socket,mains powered electric fence energisers have very little running costs due to their very low current consumption, however,unless you have a very long cable you will not be able to use a mains powered electric fence energiser outdoors in a paddock or field therefore a mains powered electric fence energiser is only really useful for use indoors,in a barn for example,a 12v electric fence energiser is perfect for use outdoors powering an electric fence in a field or paddock,a 12v electric fence energiser can be run directly from a 12v battery such as a car battery or better still a leisure battery,however the battery will require charging every few months or so,there is a way round this though,by connecting  a solar panel to the battery  you will replenish the power used by the 12v electric fence energiser whenever its sunny or bright weather,if the solar panel is big enough you will never need to disconnect the 12v electric fence energiser to remove the battery for mains charging ever again.

In conclusion a Mains powered electric fence energiser would be best for use indoors in a stable or barn where there is a continuous mains power supply as if you used a 12v electric fence energiser you would need to disconnect the battery from time to time to charge it,a solar panel couldnt be used in this scenario due to solar panels needing good daylight to recharge a battery,however for outdoor use a 12v electric fence energiser would definitely be best as then you could use a solar panel to recharge your battery meaning your electric fence remains continuously live.

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