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Man vs. Electric Fence

March 3, 2013 by  
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Scott takes on the electric fence with *two* shock collars on the ankles.

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25 Responses to “Man vs. Electric Fence”
  1. IncomeGDI says:

    What hospital? He seems fine to me.

  2. Corey Miller says:

    So what I learned from this, is that your fence doesnt work if the dog is running… what brand is it so I dont buy it?

  3. Mimo10s says:

    Woah 9 month old comment you responded to lol…

  4. amp85122 says:

    you dont have to be grounded for the collars to work….they self ground via dc current, it didnt work cause they only work within a certain distance and on a delay so he moved too fast for it to work

  5. blake o'hearon says:


  6. Mimo10s says:

    I wonder what happen’s when he has to go to the hospital

  7. Yupyuk says:

    So that why my dog hate the fence >:C My dad put a shock collar on him. If it hurts a full grown man its hell for a puppy

  8. kirre1234 says:

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  9. adimiss says:

    they didn’t work the first time because of the sandals, he wasn’t grounded with them on

  10. ScottishLiberty says:

    Ya know, if they strapped these to convicts they wouldn’t need fences around the prisons XD

  11. peepeevagi says:

    But they certainly do work. XD

  12. Purplerain1055 says:

    Ya they work, but they hurt like heck!

  13. peepeevagi says:

    I could call that a working product XD

  14. manualdemise says:

    Funny as hell!!!!!!

  15. Purplerain1055 says:

    See! One more reason to recall shock collars!

  16. xpete69x says:


  17. mbofny says:

    Dumb…..glutton for punishment…

  18. MrMagicAce says:

    there called shock COLLARS dumbass

  19. P.F.C. Trevino says:

    well first youre supposed to take them off to get your shoes, but your way was funnier

  20. relientker says:

    so do i my frnds neighbors r lik esuicidle and like getting hurt so they do th tthen go thru all 5 lvls =P physco u kno o.O

  21. xpete69x says:

    so funny, am hurtin wiv laughter

  22. xKissxMyxPunkx says:

    I HAVE to get me some of those… >:D

  23. TheDoctorGoat333 says:

    pwned? Not as much as he could have been.

  24. imoldgregggggg says:


  25. ccipolla2 says:

    electric fences 2 man 0

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