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Playful Holstein Calves

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Our dog Blue shows you her new play things: Four spring calves! We went to the market in early March and bought three healthy two week old bull calves, and a smaller heifer that needed a little TLC. As you can see from the video, all four are doing very well now and growing. They have until late November to graze on lush green pastures while listening to bird songs before we send them “up north”. In this video they are let out of their calf pen onto larger and larger runs, and finally onto pasture. Read about our country farm life on our blog theredneckhillbillies.blogspot.com and Git Yer Redneck On! Tees, Mugs, Magnets and more at http

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11 Responses to “Playful Holstein Calves”
  1. spiritosa0123 says:

    at least u attempt to feed yourselves with your own meat rather than meat from agritoruture

  2. spiritosa0123 says:

    So true I have NO idea how folks can do this ..

  3. willowrivers says:

    thank you for letting them enjoy being babies for awhile.


  4. salvolondon says:

    He didn’t reply… I dont judge the fact he breed beef cows, I eat meat too, but i would have never named them knowing they have to be sent to the slughter house

  5. RedneckHillbillies says:

    I don’t remember now how much they weighed exactly, but they were on the small side. They are mostly grass fed, not pumped full of grain or hormones to fatten them up, and harvested young so there’s no point in us buying premium beef breeds. We do try to buy crossbred calves now if we can get them so they grow a little bit faster/bigger before winter. We get more than enough off two calves to fill our freezer and feed a family of four (with teenaged kids) with extra to give away.

  6. SilverBleed360 says:

    Hey, I don’t get it. How come you name your cows and seem to have such affection then send them for slaughter? :( I just googled Gordy and ‘up north’. So very sad. I wish the would would stop eating meat. I feel sorry for those cows. May their souls rest in peace and find happiness :) :)

  7. normalil says:

    A joy to watch. Every day I struggle to be a vegetarian, I am getting there! To me it’s a sin to take a life for food.

  8. RedneckHillbillies says:

    You need to go watch Walt Disney’s movie called “Gordy” :D Thanks for watching!

  9. sallyir says:

    where is ‘up north’?

  10. Ashice69 says:

    holstien calves are what mcdonalds uses

  11. RedneckHillbillies says:


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