Friday, October 19, 2018


4 Responses to “Portable Electric Fencing”
  1. GallagherAMS says:

    In your case it sounds like your earthing could be better. Our web site provides more information on electric fencing principles. Also you could download our Power Fence manual as it is a comprehensive booklet full of hints and tips for electric fencing.

  2. GallagherAMS says:

    The goal is that most of the voltage from the energizer is available to shock the animal. The tingle you are getting off the ground rods is voltage across this part of the circuit. Normally we would advise that the voltage on the earth rod should be small enough so as not be able to be felt. If your ground rod is longer or you use more of them, this voltage should reduce so that you cannot feel it. Poor earthing is the most common cause of faulty electric fences.

  3. GallagherAMS says:

    Hi there – please see below and two more comments…
    The earth rod will have some voltage drop across it depending on the load on the fence, size of the energizer and quality of the earthing provided by your earth rod(s). Your electric fence is an electrical circuit that comprises voltage generator (energizer), fence, animals and vegetation touching the fence, ground plane and earth system. The voltage delivered by the energizer is shared amoungst each of these parts of the circuit.

  4. Farmer2492 says:

    my electric fence you get a tingle off the earth am i doing something wrong

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