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Rules of Foil Fencing : Basics of Electric Fencing

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Modern foil fencing is scored by electrical charges that run through the blade and garments of the fencers;learn the rules of foil fencing and basic strategy in this free video fencing lesson. Expert: Amy Boyle Contact: www.amykboyle.com Bio: Amy has been a fencer and swordswoman for eleven years. She fenced for the University of Southern California and the University of Northern Colorado and has taught fencers of all ages. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

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5 Responses to “Rules of Foil Fencing : Basics of Electric Fencing”
  1. EzKrispy says:

    tumbs down for saying “lame”

  2. monkeygirl3030 says:

    did she seriously just say “lame”? its pronounces la-mey…not lame. even i know that and i just started

  3. MrQuizzles says:

    Lamé, the thing fencers wear, is pronounced “la-mey”. Not “leym”. It’s a garment with metallic threads interwoven so as to be conductive.

  4. unsquashable1one says:

    nice this will help me out alot in learning
    this sport

  5. Hazharu says:

    nice tutorial. 5/5

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