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“Shocked in the Face with a Electric Horse Fence Controller” Requested by Johnny3008S

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Shocked in the Face with a Electric Horse Fence Controller.

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12 Responses to ““Shocked in the Face with a Electric Horse Fence Controller” Requested by Johnny3008S”
  1. Adrian Rowe says:

    retard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. liquidbullet5 says:

    It sounds like he is getting off to this.

  3. ChuckUPharly says:

    you have 101 videos of this? OMG, you’re such a retard! next vid…arc it across your balls so you don’t reproduce…spreading your seed could be a disaster.

  4. towrecker says:

    well you are nuts….wait you knew that right ….I have no clue why you do this shit ,but it’s funny as hell and for the stun gun I would have to buy ya a beer if you did that at the bar lol

  5. agrlfmtx says:

    You are CRAZY!! LOL

  6. Frank Smith says:

    Lol after every shock, “AHHHhhh”

  7. tickyul says:

    Uh, are you out of your mind? You might fall over and damage you bra……Oh, I forgot, not much worry there. Nice vid, thanks!

  8. jc6154 says:

    Ricky I really worry about you.You sure live dangerously.LOL!5 Stars-Jerry

  9. kingnefarious says:

    hahhaah u retard do a taser to ur own neck usae the blast knuckles if u have i wanna see wat it does thx u redneck

  10. Phyllis Brown says:

    wow, I need that thing every morning around 6 am

    God Bless you Ricky

  11. Matt PlaysRs says:

    Dude you’re a beast, I most definitely can’t take that much haha

  12. Irishtankgod says:

    No Johhny will get you killed there LOL God Ricky hell electrolisius gone crazy think about it though you might be able too do that you know that hair removal thing , theres money in that stay alive my friend please try xxxxxxs Cathy

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