Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Make a Solar Powered Energiser

How to Make a solar powered Energiser


Thinking of Buying a  Solar Powered Energiser for remote use ? Solar Powered energisers are generally very good though a solar powered energiser is usually a lot more expensive than a standard low voltage electric fence energiser but did you know that a low voltage electric fence energiser can be converted into a solar powered energiser fairly cheaply ? Well it can,this is possible if the  electric fence energiser is a low voltage dc model so it can be powered directly from a 6v,9v or 12v battery,a lot of electric fence energisers are low voltage, Kemo`s Mo82 electric fence energiser and Edges Evx2000 electric fence energiser for example can both be run from a 12v battery.

Most electric fence energisers use very little power meaning a charged battery will power one for a fair while before it runs out but by connecting a solar panel to the battery you have basically made your own solar powered energiser, as the electric fence energiser uses so little power you can easily get away with using just a small solar panel in the construction of your solar powered energiser,a solar panel in the region of 3 to 5watts should be more than powerful enough to keep  your electric fence energiser running 24/7 for most months of the year,if you are using a 6v energiser powered by a 6v battery for your solar powered energiser then you must use a 9v solar panel to charge it,a standard 12v charging solar panel will soon wreck the battery due to the excessive charge and could end up wrecking your electric fence energiser too.

One neat thing about making a solar powered energiser is that is that its not going to be an all in one unit,the electric fence energiser can be placed out of harms way and more mportantly out of the weather,for example it could be kept in an enclosure with the battery whilst the solar panel is remotely mounted in the best possible position away from both the battery and the energiser for maximum exposure to the sun, most shop bought solar powered energiser products are all in one units,this can be classed as convenient and compact however in a lot of instances if the solar panel did ever fail you would need to replace the whole  unit, if the same thing happened with a solar powered energiser kit you would just replace the solar panel.

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