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Strainrite Fencing Guides – Bahco Wire Cutter (FKX00050)

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Welcome to Strainrite Fencing Systems – Serious About Fencing! New Zealand based manufacturer & supplier of high quality fencing tools and Electric Fencing equipment for over 35 years. Whether you’re a novice fencer or a seasoned fencing contractor, our Strainrite online video tutorials are bound to have something for you. Visit our New Zealand Site: www.strainrite.co.nz Visit our USA Site: www.nzfenceusa.com Product Name:Bahco Wire Cutter Part.no: FKX00050 Key Features: * Induction-hardened precision cutting edges. * Exceptional cutting performance * Ergonomically styled handles. Induction-hardened precision cutting edges. Cutting edge hardness approximately 64HRc. Exceptional cutting performance with little physical effort through lever action. Ergonomically styled handles. Will cut 2.5mm high tensile wire with ease. Please note Knipex Cutters are for cutting ONLY & are not intended for twisting. Click on the link below for more info:

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  1. honeybadger124261 says:

    hi, thanks for the video. I wonder which one are more long lasting? these or knipex compact cutters?

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