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Strainrite Fencing Guides – Hot Post Pigtail Standards (FPG00065)

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Welcome to Strainrite Fencing Systems – Serious About Fencing! New Zealand based manufacturer & supplier of high quality fencing tools and Electric Fencing equipment for over 35 years. Whether you’re a novice fencer or a seasoned fencing contractor, our Strainrite online video tutorials are bound to have something for you. Visit our New Zealand Site: Visit our USA Site: Product Name: Hot Post Pigtail Standard Available as: Bundle of 10 ( FPG00065) Key Features: *fully electrified post – prevent stock from pushing over your fence! *insulated handle for re-positioning when fence is hot. *overall length – 935mm *Gold Foot — gold passivated for increased corrosion protection. Below is a copy of one of many Rural Magazine articles showcasing the Hotpost Pigtail “STRAINRITE HOTPOST” A classic example of good old Kiwi ingenuity, the proudly NZ Manufactured Strainrite “Hotpost” and Pigtail Posts can be found in pastures worldwide The concept for the Strainrite “Hotpost” sparked off 7 odd years ago when some Taranaki farmers’ cheeky Cows (and there’s always one!) had figured out how to reach the “greener grass on the other side” whilst avoiding shock from the electric tape by nudging the standard posts over with its head and shoulder. From here the idea spawned to create an electrified Pigtail Post which could be used as a training aid to discourage cattle from pushing over the posts. This proved to be extremely effective, and the

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