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Strainrite Fencing Guides – Smooth Grip Chain Strainers V1

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Welcome to Strainrite Fencing Systems – Serious About Fencing! New Zealand based manufacturer & supplier of high quality fencing tools and Electric Fencing equipment for over 35 years. Whether you’re a novice fencer or a seasoned fencing contractor, our Strainrite online video tutorials are bound to have something for you. Visit www.strainrite.co.nz or www.nzfenceusa.com for more info! Tool Name: Smooth Grip Chain Strainers Available models: FCS00060 – Standard Chain Strainer Without Spring FCS00040 – Standard Chain Strainer With Spring FCS00500 – Contractor Fixed Handle Chain Strainer FCS00502 – Contractor Chain Strainer With Removable Handle For more information on our full range of Chain Strainers visit: www.strainrite.co.nz For the USA: www.nzfenceusa.com

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