Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Hotline P450s Horse electric fence energiser

Hotline P450/s Hobby Horse electric fence Energiser   The Hotline P450/s Hobby electric fence energiser is a medium power, 12v battery powered electric fence energiser (electric fencer) The Hotline  P450/s Hobby electric fence energiser is perfect for lots of different uses  such as horses paddocks,Cattle grazing  etc. The Hotline P450/S Hobby electric fence energiser is [...]

Horse Electric Fence, Suitable electric fence & Energiser for Horse Control

Horse Electric Fence When deciding upon a Horse Electric Fence one important factor that must be considered is that a Horse electric fence needs to have a fairly powerful energiser connected to it,A horse electric fence will also need to be constructed of strong wiring so that if a horse should rub against it it [...]