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Time Domain UWB Radar Fence for Safety and Security

Time Domain is engaged in a development project to produce a virtual Radar Fence. The Fence uses P400 platforms to form a multi-mode radar (mono-, bi-, multi…

Electrobraid Fence Safety

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ElectroBraid™ is an easily installed, permanent electric fencing system designed to provide a safe and secure horse fence. Electrobraid Fence Safety – alternatives for safer fencing. Call The Healing Barn Today at 877-300-2638 for pricing and planning information.

Benefits of Electric Fencing, Safety |

Charged fence systems, also known as electric fence systems, provide a safe alternative to woven and barbed wire fences. A pulsed electrical current is sent along the fence wire, at about one pulse per second, from an electric fence charger, which is also known as an energizer.