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Tamworth Pigs and Silva Star Farms

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Sarah Silva (farmer) and her family have been raising pigs since she can remember. As a child Sarah remembers going out to the then deamed “pig pen” to watch the pigs roll in the mud and frolick in the sun each summer day. Although Sarah’s father raised pigs in a much more conventional way, in a small area with limited pasture, the quality and texture of the pork was amazing compared to the “stuff you get in the stores.” There was love behind that farmer. Today at Silva Star Farm, we’re tring to one up the past generation, not with love, but with space, Sarah does her best to ensure that her pigs get to live like pigs. From the time they come to Silva Star Farm the pigs are rotated on both pasture and under the various trees that make up Silva Star Farm. The pigs are given as much rooting area and grazing area that they need. In addition to pasture, every day Sarah delivers fresh produce from the nearby produce market, Bill’s Farm Basket, to her piggy friends. We also make custom organic chicken and fish meal for the pigs. Along with their fresh food, our pigs have access to pasture and organic feed from our local feed provider, Modesto Millings , 24 hours a day. Silva Star Farm rotates the electric fencing for the pigs as often as needed and more often as the pigs get older and larger. Here at Silva Star Farm we do what we can to accomodate all animals, porcine or poultry, they all feel comfortable, satisfied and at home. Visit us at silvastarfarms.com

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3 Responses to “Tamworth Pigs and Silva Star Farms”
  1. thephelan3 says:

    I’m in love with her

  2. nfsmw6 says:

    beautiful animal, it seems a bit porn

  3. jpyfleming says:

    Must be very hard to be a pig at this farm… 

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