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That Is What I Believe ||1000||

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Please read, updates:(( FIRSTLY, thank you so much for 1000+ subscribers! Literally cant believe it:’D if only i got even 500 views!!:P Please watch & comment, this video means a lot to me! I know the audio is oversued blahblahblah, but it took me AGES to find the original & then cut it up, so dont steal please, not to say that if you ask i wont let you;) So yer… I am nearly at breaking point with Polly at the moment. Don’t judge what she’s like from the clips you see, she is being impossible at the moment. I took Minnie to a show, when I came back Polly had completely destroyed her electric fencing and was loose. I put Minnie in her stable the other night & simply wanted to lead Polly just past her stable so I could change her rugs; she reared in my face & bolted. I try and lead her away from Minnie & she constantly stops & spins round; leading her from the field is taking triple the amount of time it should! To be honest I just don’t know what to do. It may not sound bad, but it’s exhausting, every time I just want to tie her up she throws a hissy fit, she’s scary and dangerous, she just lashes out and tries to bite or barges me around every time she doesn’t get her own way, I’m constantly trying to teach her manners and it’s just turned in to a constant battle. It’s got to the point that I just feel like crying, I am trying so hard, I really am, but at the moment I just can’t see the end. I know she’s a baby, I don’t need reminding. I know this is just a phase. I

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25 Responses to “That Is What I Believe ||1000||”
  1. ERriding says:

    BRILLIANT! Love it! <3 xx

  2. PointlessPonys says:

    this is deffo one of my fav videos <3

  3. jessica atkinson says:

    I love the commentary/music in the background!! could you send me a link to it or something ?? :) i subbed btw XD

  4. StoakVixen says:

    This is absaloutley amazing. I have favorited, and may I use the audio?<3

  5. dabyg says:

    amazing video :) Lovely horseys too, got character :)  xx

  6. dayelliehayes says:

    This is great! xx

  7. amyaustwick says:

    this is simply beautiful. No matter how hard it gets, you’ve got to keep going , just as you’ve proved here. You should be proud of you for what you’ve achieved and the future ahead of you :) xxx

  8. XxMillyxX123 says:

    Amazing , subbed!

  9. huntin4lifexo says:

    faved simply wonderful :) 

  10. horsexloverx24x says:

    thank you:’D xx

  11. beautifulmandc says:

    this is actually amazing! faved :)  x

  12. horsexloverx24x says:

    thank you xx

  13. Flo coe says:

    you deserve every single one of these hunny ;) x <33

  14. horsexloverx24x says:

    thank you!:D xx

  15. horsexloverx24x says:

    thank you so so much, that is such a lovely comment:’) xx

  16. horsexloverx24x says:

    thank you so much, that’s such a lovely comment:’) it means a lot xxx

  17. xamynbeauty says:


  18. horsexloverx24x says:

    thank you:’) best of luck with your one! yeh, im not really doing any lunging with her over winter at the moment as she’s having the months off to mature & just be handled:) xx

  19. horsexloverx24x says:

    thank you very much:’) i am looking in to finding help during febuary time before i start backing her properly:) xx

  20. horsexloverx24x says:

    thank you sophie xxx

  21. JumpForIt01 says:

    thank you! good luck!! xx

  22. horsexloverx24x says:

    thank you so much:’) i do!! i can’t bare to imagine if she was a few hands bigger!:L good luck with your one! thank you xxx

  23. horsexloverx24x says:

    wow thank you so much!!!
    it means so much xxx

  24. horsexloverx24x says:

    thank you, agreed, winter is horrible;P thank you so much, it means a lot xx

  25. horsexloverx24x says:

    thank you so much, i’m glad you can notice the difference as i’ve been working really hard on my technique!:L thank you xxx

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