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The electric fence

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Some people just cant help themselves…. yes julian the electric fence is switched on and it will hurt you but don’t take my word for it…. try it out for yourself…. haahahahahahahhaha so as boys do… he touches it…(i forgot to mention that the fence sends pulses every few seconds) and he found out for himself!!!!!

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25 Responses to “The electric fence”
  1. sunny flboy says:


  2. baese33 says:

    homo is different i guess…

  3. GhettoThrasherProd says:


  4. alancleeac says:


  5. xtabuasx says:

    hes gay ?

  6. Marcelo Gambatto says:

    i think he likes twilight

  7. anthony bolton says:


  8. chrisyc7 says:

    this video always brightens my day up!!

  9. imeleedi says:


  10. crazycon500MK2 says:

    This was on Rude Tube…bravo :D

    still fuckin’ funny tho

  11. katlawton1990 says:

    My tummy muscles hurt this made me laugh so much!!! :’)

  12. jewjob says:

    This is not how u check electric wires…
    For all of you… if u insist on checking (I don’t recommend) check it with the back of your hand, that because when your mussels get shocked they contract making your hand grip the wire that continue to sent more electricity to you.

  13. Sag1eF says:

    Fucking gold

  14. johnny1akj says:

    Se Fudeu !

  15. CaseyMTV says:

    Hello. I am a researcher for an MTV show that is interested in possibly having this video air on television. Please check your YouTube inbox and contact me for details as soon as possible. Thank You!

  16. Hackney Bird says:

    This is CLASS. His face when it actually shocks him , combined with the mud foot spin- im CRYING

  17. notme478 says:

    your an asshole!!!!

  18. nicole art says:

    Stupidity ! :D

  19. mrgurth1 says:

    O god the lolz

  20. Fares Ayad says:

    خواف خواف
    البنت عليها صوت 0:28

  21. spudulous says:

    I LOVE this!!!!! I want a Jamie! soooooooooo funny! The more times I watch it, the more I laugh! Thank you!!!

  22. TheZittauer says:

    darwin_award 2013….

  23. João Pedro Ferreira says:


  24. mauroxx89 says:

    Esse encapa o croquete com a bunda

  25. yablod dee says:


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