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Truck Hits School Bus RCMP chase on foot

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Around 11:35 PM a District 11 RCMP was driving on the Hillsboro road when a truck flew past him at a high rate of speed and turned into the parking lot of the tourist bureau in Riverview and rear ended a school bus, air bags were deployed and 2 men got out and ran. Codiac RCMP were contacted because it happened inside Codiac’s district. Police Dog arrived a short time later and began tracking the 2 men right away heading east into the woods , along the river bank and at 12:55 AM the 2 men were caught around 1207 Hillsboro Road. Person that owns that property had to be contacted because they had ran through some electric fencing for cattle. 20 year old from Hillsboro faces charges it was reported on the radio. Video Aired on Global News with Rebecca Lau.

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  1. ThePoliceChaser says:

    Looks´╗┐ like you had a busy night LOL. Another good catch

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