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Two Idiot Geldings

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These two fools have knocked down the fence between them about 6 times this month. The Saddlebred has more than an acre to HIMSELF and the Fjord has about half that….but plenty of room to not be all over eachother! All modifications and repairs have failed. We will now be installing electric fencing…to keep the horses from hurting themselves, to save my fence, AND to provide entertainment to me and my husband – a kind of revenge, if you will.

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3 Responses to “Two Idiot Geldings”
  1. Kelly Gast says:

    LOL! I wish I could have! But they had such different dietary requirements: Stan the elder statesman needed lots of alfalfa, senior feed & time to eat it. Siggy neede the opposite-timothy hay and 10% pellets or he gets HUGE!

    We finally went to turning them out overnight together & that mostly helped – but they were still rowdy! They knocked over waterers (dumping their fish!) so we replaced it with BIG waterer & Siggy climbes IN the waterer for added fun.

  2. bayyliner says:

    if they get along, which they seem to, why not enlarge the two pens and make one big one and keep them together? they obviously adore each other….

  3. pattyepattye says:

    Too cute!!! Reminds me of our fjord…what a troublemaker he is!!!

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